The Great Montenegro Tour — What Not to Miss When Visiting Montenegro

We knew Montenegro was a promising place, but what we didn’t know was at what point on the trip we’d fall in love with it.  

We’ve mentioned this before: we’re not the organized-tour type. And although we typically stay away from them, someone we met in London highly recommended we go on The Great Montenegro Tour when visiting Montenegro. 

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So, as suggested, we contacted the 360 Monte Travel Agency a few weeks before getting to Montenegro to organize the tour from Kotor.

We can say without a doubt that this tour was the best tour we’ve ever taken. 

It wasn’t just the amazing landscapes, the delicious breakfast and lunch and morning shot that we enjoyed, or getting to know so many things about Montenegro in 12 hours without even feeling the hours pass by. 

What was really memorable about it all was the organization, especially their tour guides; I wish we were able to go back to take another tour with Ognjen! He had the flexibility to take us on an enjoyable and instructive tour that never felt rushed and really made for a fun and close-knit experience with our small group.

Here is What You Can Expect From The Great Montenegro Tour

The tour began in Kotor at 08:30 AM, so if you’re not staying in Kotor for our vacation/visit, you should really consider at least sleeping there the night before like we did. That way you can avoid the drive over early in the morning! 

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Our tour group had just the right amount of people (7 in total, including the guide), so we were able to take one small van through all the stops, which made for a fun and natural bonding experience with travelers from all around the world. 

We began the day by briefly driving up hills and the accompanying 25 “serpentine turns” to get to some of the most beautiful viewpoints we’ve ever seen.

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Then we got around to having breakfast at the oldest restaurant in Montenegro — a restaurant that dates back to 1881! 

Breakfast consisted of a delicious, local prosciutto and cheese sandwich, as well as a drink for 3.50 euros. Besides enjoying the delicious food and surroundings, we were also able to see where and how this region of Montenegro prepares their prosciutto. 

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This is also where we took part in one of their morning, energy-boosting customs: a full shot of Rakija (local brandy). This may have had something to do with the bonding we experienced.

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Afterward, we made it over to the highest mausoleum in the world at Mt Lovćen (Lake Peak), located more than 1,600 meters off the ground. Naturally, the view of Montenegro from there was breathtaking, with its many mountains and microscopic towns. We did have to work for it though, as it took 400 steps to climb the stairs all the way up.

Next, we went on a walking tour through the old capital of the country, Cetinje, to learn some of Montenegro’s history and visit older, fascinating locations, like the Monastery of Cetinje. While we were there, we enjoyed a natural, homemade pomegranate juice at a locally-owned store that the guide will take you to — you’ll probably want to buy one to drink there and another one for the road.  

We followed that up with a delicious, 8-euro lunch that overlooked the river down below. This lunch included an appetizer, a salad, a fish or chicken entree, and a dessert (we love/miss Montenegro and its prices!).

The boat ride around the Crnojević River (the river that merges with Skadar Lake) was probably the highlight of this trip. Likely because we were visiting during “shoulder" season (the time just before high season starts, or after it ends), we ended up being the only people in the middle of this enormous river.

The quiet and calming surroundings made for the perfect backdrop as we jumped off the boat and into the river for a refreshing swim. For a while, we were in another world. 

The day ended as we watched the sun set over the private island of Sant Stefan. Just the perfect conclusion to a day full of adventures, laughs, and jaw-dropping moments.

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Price: 44 euros, plus the entrances to the mausoleum and national parks which is an additional 7 euros (don't forget to bring the extra cash for the breakfast and lunch!).

So, why take The Great Montenegro Tour?

There are plenty of reasons to go on this tour. Here are some of the ones we feel are most important:

  • Get to know TONS of places in just one day, something that would practically be impossible to do on your own.
  • A personable, personal, and friendly guide — unlike many other tours we’ve been on. They enjoy what they’re doing here. 
  • Visit some of the most beautiful spots in the country.
  • Learn some of most interesting history behind Montenegro.
  • The competitive pricing!
  • Relax and enjoy Montenegro through the eyes of experts.

To learn more about this tour and how you can book your own dates, visit the 360 Monte webpage! Also, if you want to spend a couple of days in Kotor, you can stay with them in the Old Town Kotor Hostel.


*We were invited by the 360 Monte travel agency to go this tour. Opinions found in this article are authentic, as always!