Photo Journey 003: Nacpan Beach, Philippines

Some obstacles are meant to be conquered. You stare at them in the face, you crap your pants (silently and metaphorically), and you overcome what’s in front of you.

Some obstacles are definitely NOT meant to be conquered. You stare at them in the face, and… that’s all you do, because it’d be foolhardy to even consider anything else.

In the case of the latter, the obstacle is merely there to tell you — I’m a “sign.” Turn the other way.

The short story and collection of photos that follow are the Photo Journey of an obstacle that we avoided and ultimately, were glad we did. 

Olympic High Jumps and Dog Sand

On this particular weekend in December, we were in the Philippines — specifically El Nido. And, as you do in El Nido, we had reserved an island hopping tour that would take us through a variety of iconic beaches and snorkeling adventures.

Needless to say, it was a winter weekend that we wanted to happen.

We were only worried about one thing: Marta and her crutches. At this point she was still wielding them for walking after her incident in Thailand.  

The day before our reserved group tour (Friday), we walked out to the beach around the time tours ended and saw two immediate obstacles. The first was the undeniably bad weather that was tearing through the beach relentlessly; it wasn't the first time we had seen this kind of weather here in the late afternoon. 

Now, bad weather we could deal with — it was the obstacle we saw next that made us decide to steer clear of the tour altogether. It was hilarious.

No, not this. This isn’t what we saw. (More on this later though.) 

No, not this. This isn’t what we saw. (More on this later though.) 

Besides the impending rain and winds, the tides in the late afternoon were so high that in order to get off the boat, you practically had to perform an Olympic high-jump to land into neck-high water before reaching safe shores.


Not on crutches, anyways.

Rather than waste the upcoming Saturday in El Nido wondering what could have been, we decided to find a white-sand beach on our own and have a jeepney (motorized tricycle in the Philippines) take us there. Based off of the suggestions of tour guides and locals we found along the way, we decided our white-sand beach of choice would be:

Nacpan Beach.

Our time there was initially frustrating, because the people we asked assured us it was a white-sand beach… and it was really more of a dog-sand beach, as you can see below. We love dogs infinitely, but it cost us almost $30 to spend the day at this one beach. (That's a good amount of coin for us now!

We were expecting something else, is all.

Nevertheless, we had an amazing and relaxing time while there and met an incredible couple that was also commencing their long-term traveling journey and that we still keep in contact with. The meandering dogs made for some interesting frames and when it was all said and done, no Olympic high jump was required to end the day.


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