How to Find the Best Street Art in George Town - Penang

George Town is a city on the island of Penang, situated at the northwest of Malaysia; it is one of the most visited cities in Malaysia and is considered a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. It’s colorful streets, mixture of cultures, heritage buildings, lively atmosphere, and delicious food makes it easy to fall in love with.

Although we spent more than a week in this city, we didn’t explore the island as much as we would have liked due a bad cold that we needed to rest off.

However, we did take the time to wander the streets in search of one of George Town’s most treasured possessions: its street art.

George Town’s street art started in 2009 and quickly became one of the most photographed things on the island. One of the most prolific creators of some of this artwork is Ernest Zacharevic, a multifaceted Lithuanian artist that was hired in 2012 to paint a collection of murals throughout the city. Along with him, other artists that have attributed to the local street art include: WK Setor (Kuala Lumpur), Tang Yeok Khang (Bukit Mertajam), Natthaton Muangkliang (Thailand), and Louise Low (Kuala Lumpur).


Here a guide to 15 of the most known art pieces and where to find them:


"Bruce Lee"

Next to Ah Quee Street, in a corner behind the "Old Motorcycle"


"Kids on a Bicycle"

At the end of Armenian street, close to Beach Street/Lebuh Pantai


"No Animal Discrimination"

19 Lebuh Armenian, down the alley where "I Can Help Catch Rats" is found (down below!)


"Old Motorcycle"

On Ah Quee Street, close to Beach Street/Lebuh Pantai


"Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat"

On Armenian street, in front of a Chinese restaurant


"Please, Care & Bath Me"

Alleyway next to Armenian street, towards the end and down on the right


"Brother and Sister on a Swing"

Through Chulia street, in an alleyway



On Armenian Street, between Victoria Street and Beach Street


"Children Playing Basketball"

On Chulia Street inside an alley and in front of Brother and Sister on a Swing


"Brother and Sister"

In an alley at the intersection of Armenian and Victoria Street



On Armenian Street, towards Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling


"In a Kopi Tiam Kitchen" 

Armenian street, inside of a Chinese restaurant (pictured below). This was the most hidden piece; you have to go through the restaurant's kitchen to find it.

It's inside here!


"I Can Help Catch Rats"

On Armenian Street, inside an alley and next to "Red Pinang Cultural House" (store)


"Old Soy Milk Stall"

Through Chulia Street, in an alleyway; next to "Brother and Sister on a Swing"


"Burning (Only You Can Stop Air Pollution)"

Lebuh Ah Quee


We hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed finding them!

Which one is your favorite? (Or is your favorite not on this list?) Let us know down below!