The Best Hot Springs in Ourense, Spain — and Our Favorite!

You've probably heard or seen pictures of some of the most famous hot springs around the world: the thermal waters of Blue Lagoon in Iceland, the Széchenyi thermal bath in Hungary, or the Thermae Bath Spa in Bath, England.

What you may not have heard of, however, are the beautiful outdoor and indoor hot springs in Spain that can be found in the humble region of Galicia, in the city of Ourense. 

These hot springs, situated next to the Miño River, feature several thermal baths that are all enveloped by an incredibly relaxing atmosphere that's sure to de-stress every muscle and joint in your body. 

Hot Springs, Just a Short Walk Away

After crossing the bridge situated next to the designated parking area, you’ll find two locations with their own array of thermal baths — one that's paid and one that's free: 

  • Termas de Outariz e Canedo, a.k.a. Termas de Ourense — These hot springs are public and free of charge. They’re the first ones you’ll see, situated to the left when crossing the river from the parking lot.

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  • Termas de Outariz: Once you cross the bridge, you turn right and walk for about 5 minutes before reaching the hot springs Termas de Outariz. This compound houses several thermal springs and baths and only costs a minimal fee to enter. This is my favorite of the two and the one I’ll be telling you more about!  
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Termas de Outariz — The Hot Springs in Ourense to Visit!

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These private, Japanese-inspired thermal baths are all comfortably located within this complex that consists of an indoor and outdoor compartment. Within you’ll find two thermal circuits, all numbered, that will either take you through a hot, steamy circuit or a freezing cold one. Besides the circuits, you’ll also find they provide massage treatments at this location, and have accommodating changing rooms, showers, and lockers, all next to a restaurant/cafe with views of the river down below.  

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The entrance to Termas de Outariz only costs 5.50 Euros (as of 2018) and the maximum time allowed inside the complex is 2 hours. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get our usual assortment of photos because taking photos from within is forbidden. You can visit their webpage for more information here!

Before or after visiting Termas de Outariz, you can also have a pleasant walk next to the Miño River to soak in the surrounding beauty of this isolated paradise in the heart of Galicia.

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Also, don’t forget to bring a towel and sandals! Both are obligatory for the use of the thermal circuits.

How to Get to the Hot Springs in Ourense and Where to Park

Getting to Termas de Outariz in Orense from any point in Galicia is easy — it shouldn’t take more than 1.5 hours of driving, at most. 

Here’s the easiest way to get there: Search for “Termas Outariz Aparcadoiro” into Google Maps, which will lead you to the parking lot across from the complex. You would then park your car on that side of the river and cross the river via the bridge to reach Termas de Outariz. It’s a parking lot that consists mostly of sand and branches, so it’s free.

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